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ABTrailers builds thee highest-quality aluminum trailers in the marine industry. Widely known for our preciseness , innovative design and explicit attention to detail, ABTrailers, are the finest aluminum trailers on the market.

Each trailer is designed to fit hull for easiest loading/unloading and best hull support for specific load distribution.The result maximizes on road performance, giving years of trouble free service with minimal maintenance. We guarantee each custom aluminum trailer to be corrosion free, and last a minimum, of three times the life of a  painted or galvanized trailer.               

Our Aluminum and Stainless Steel Trailers are manufactured to exacting standards, utilizing only top quality materials and parts. Since we are the manufacturer, you pay no salesman commisions. Along with customer satisfaction and our three year standard warranty, ABT is the best value for your dollar. At ABTrailers,you get better quality construction and design. With cost-conscious management, it enables us to bring the joys of getting out on the water within the reach of every family and budget.