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I found my love for fishing, boating and mechanics when I was a small kid. My family, my mom dad, brother and sisters would spend every weekend on the boat.

From water skiing at Lake Havisu to fishing anywhere we could soak a line.  Before the Baja road came along we would tow our boat down to Kino Bay with the club Vagabundos del mar. Every summer we would look forward to this annual pilgrimage to the East Cape.

But even as a small child it would seem that the trailer issues would slow down and delay our trip. It seemed as much as my father would prepare the boat and trailer there were always trailering issues that would throw a monkey wrench in our vacation plans.

Once specific trip that sticks in my mind, takes place back in the 80’s.  I was towing  a family friend, Chuck Gooding’s  29’ Sportfisher.  This trip to Cabo san Lucas was going to be different.

Chuck had broken down and bought a brand new galvanized trailer.

We were confident that this trip would be a slam dunk all we had to worry about was who would farm the first billfish. About half way down on the rear car in our caravan signaled us that the trailer was failing. After another day down finding a local welder to patch together the fancy galvanized trailer, convinced me that there must be a better way to build boat trailers that could handle the road down Baja.

My father Walt Whitaker, the engineer, began working after he got out of the service at North American Rockwell and later opened his own machine shop specializing in aerospace.  Dad always said there had to be a better way for trailers to last, especially going down that Baja Road. So, for 30 years we watched as my dad agonized over his boat trailers.

Occasionally I would buy a trailer from Florida, the primary problem with these trailers was they nice and cheap but very lightweight and flimsy, but they proved to hundreds of thousands that aluminum was a superior material for salt water immersion trailers from Florida.

Florida was on to something, if they were just built heavy duty enough for our Baja roads.

When my father passed away, it was my set goal in life to honor him by building a better trailer. Years ago my father had befriended  A young graduate of engineering from UCLA that apprenticed under my father as a master tool builder, assisted me in building the machinery that still builds most of our trailers. Till this day he still consults us when we need a senior engineer.Thus, ABTrailers was born.

 When kids say they want to grow up to be like their dad; that was me- I wanted to be a successful designer  like my dad and carry on his manufacturing legacy and commemorate him by building the absolute best long lasting Salt Water Tough Aluminum Boat Trailers.

Tight Lines
J. Alex Whitaker
Chief Engineer-ABTrailers


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Our Aluminum and Stainless Steel Trailers are manufactured to exacting standards, utilizing only top quality materials and parts. Since we are the manufacturer, you pay no salesman commissions. Along with customer satisfaction and our three year standard warranty, ABT is the best value for your dollar. At ABTrailers, you get better quality construction and design. With cost-conscious management, it enables us to bring the joys of dedicated to trailer manufacturing and repair and serving you with quality and value.

Each trailer is designed to fit hull for easiest loading/unloading and best hull support for specific load distribution.

The result maximizes on road performance, giving years of trouble free service with minimal maintenance. 

We guarantee each custom aluminum trailer to be corrosion free, and last a minimum, of three times the life of a painted or galvanized trailer.


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