To whom it may concern:

I ordered a new boat to be built back east and wanted a quality aluminum trailer

so we could transport the boat up and down the west coast and into Mexico

without worry. After much research I decided to go with the West Coast 

ABT trailer manufactured in San Bernardino and haven’t regretted that decision

for a minute. When the boat was completed a week early and I had to have my

trailer build expedited, Alex put everything else aside and stepped 

up to the plate and delivered it the day the boat arrived! The trailer was setup

exactly how it needed to be to accept the boat. Alex did a great job; he built the

trailer from the boat manufacturers specs with a couple of phone calls and emails

to the factory. The trailer bunks fit exactly to the hull.  We drove the boat directly

from the dealer, right onto the trailer and didn’t have to make one adjustment.

After I picked up the trailer from the shop and took it to San Diego you wouldn’t

believe how many compliments I got on the trailer!

I would recommend ABT trailers to anyone who is looking for a quality, dependable

boat trailer that also looks great. Alex builds a great trailer and is very customer

service oriented, Lorraine handled all of paperwork professionally 

and she is always a pleasure to speak with.

Thanks to you both!

James Connell
Port Hueneme, CA  


After spending more time on my back working on my rusted galvanized trailer

than fishing, I called Alex and ordered  a custom trailer for my 26' Radoncraft.

 I'm so glad I did -- this season I was able to spend time fishing rather than

turning a wrench.  Alex told me that I fit his customer profile perfectly -- someone

who has a great boat and is ready

to spend time enjoying the boat rather than working on a trailer.  Alex spent quite

a bit of time on the phone with me asking for multiple measurements and locations

of thru-hulls, etc....  Since such great focus was put on the front-end, my new trailer

fit the boat great with very few minor adjustments.  If you're in the market for a trailer,

ABT is the place to go.  I'm very pleased with their great customer service and the fact

that ABT puts out a superior product. My only regret is that I didn't purchase the

trailer sooner!

Robert C. Gangi 
Gangi Development Co., Inc.
229 E. Palm Avenue 
Burbank, CA 91502 



I discovered ABT when I was searching for a manufacturer to fabricate

a new trailer after my existing one was totaled in an accident. After receiving multiple

quotes, I decided to go with ABT because the price was very competitive and the materials

the trailer is fabricated from. Being made of structural aluminum and stainless steel fasteners

I knew this trailer would last forever especially since I only use it in fresh water there is no

issue with corrosion. Another great benefit of going with an aluminum trailer is weight. I

have saved a lot of money in fuel costs over the years. My trailer is now 10 years old and is

in great shape. If I ever find myself in the market for a boat trailer again I will go to ABT

first. Alex and Lorraine provide great customer service and I would recommend ABT to

anyone in need of a trailer. I wish ABTrailers much continued success! 

Clarence Lester 

Lake Elsinore, California



My experience with ABT trailers was nothing short of spectacular. The professional

and knowledgeable staff helped me select the right trailer for my boat.  Once it arrived,

it was easily Assembled in less than a day.  
It was helpful knowing that ABT was just a phone call away if I needed help.

I would recommend ABT Trailers to anyone looking for a new quality trailer.  




I fish in Kona, Hawaii. Because boat trailers are subjected to saltwater 100% of the

time here, corrosion is a major problem.  After nearly 18 years of using a single axle

galvanized steel trailer, I decided to make a change and 

purchase a dual axle aluminum trailer to deal with the corrosion problem.  I contacted

West Coast ABT, Inc. via 

email and from the very start the staff was very friendly and courteous.  After finalizing

my “build sheet” and desired specifications, they were sent to WC ABT.  They built

my trailer exact to my specifications even down to the keel roller on the rear cross

member. It arrived in Kona on the timeline established by WC ABT. I am a proud

owner of a boat trailer built by West Coast ABT, Inc. My friends are simply impressed

with their product.  Some are even jealous. 

I’m glad that I chose West Coast ABT Inc.   
Hats off to both Alex and Lorraine!










 JUN  2012

Hello Alex.

I have been negligent as I wanted to send you a testimonial regarding my new trailer.

It is such an improvement over the OEM trailer from MacGregor. Your new MacGregor

customer may have been influenced by a thread I introduced on the Macgregor

Sailors web site (www.macgregorsailors.com) last April. You may wish to view the

reactions from other MacGregor owners there. (see "forums/trailers & towing/what

Roger should have built").  There was a lot of interest shown.There is approximately

300-400 lbs tongue weight on the trailer. It does vary on  how I load the provisions

for long trips. The ride is awesome.  Absolutely no sway even when trucks pass at

high speed. My tow vehicle is a 2003 F150 Super Crewcab and it does not seem to

matter much between light/heavy tongue weight on any of the three trailers I tow

with it.  I am completely satisfied with my selection and the quality of your product.

I have been talking well about it since I took delivery.I will send you a few additional

pictures soon. 
Patrick Gilbert "Tropico" (99MacX)(10WCABT)     
Canyon Country, CA       


Vessel: 19 Glasspro, 17 Ali'i Kai 
Location: Hawaii
Just one word.... they are friggin awesome. I personally assisted in a small portion

of the assembly and wiring and totally loved it and the way it looks. Frame is

huge compared to the wimpy Aluminums we have here.


Vessel: 22 HHawk
Location: Kaneohe   

Got one a couple of months ago for my 22ft Hawaiian Hawk. And I am

super stoked on it. If you have any specific questions lmk.


Vessel: 31 Bertram Chasintail
Location: Hawaii 

I have one that I received from Alex at ABT. I bought it for my 31 Bertram.

Very well made. if you need more info or pic's let me know.

We also put a friends 35 Bertram on it for maintenance no problems.

Aloha Bobby

Vessel: 17' Currentline
Location: Kailua, Hawaii. USA

I got one a couple years ago for my Currentline. It's solid. Probably cheaper

than buying a spectrum/ez loader.They stacked four trailers and shipped them

as one. Alex is super nice and helpful. I have two friends that have them as well.

All the bolts are stainless. The I-beam is unreal and easy to wash. My last ez loader

rusted through the main rail even though I was anal about washing my trailer

before and after fishing. Luckily my bolt on sliding tongue fit perfectly through

the I-beam under the stock tongue.



I bought my boat last year and it came with an old rusty trailer that needed to be

replaced.  Since I tow my boat with a 6 cylinder truck, I wanted the lightest

trailer possible with surge brakes.  I planned to use the boat in saltwater too, so

I wanted it to be corrosion resistant and durable.  I first looked into galvanized trailers since
they were the standard trailers sold with Arimas.  But then I learned about aluminum

trailers on several boating websites.  I called ABTrailers and learned that I can have a

custom aluminum trailer made with surge brakes at a price very similar to the

galvanized trailers offered at the Arima dealerships.  It was an easy decision to make. 
A few weeks later, I picked up my trailer and have been very happy with it ever since. 

Thanks Alex & Lorraine.
Best regards, Cornell 

Hercules, CA

I'm now having my second 18000 lb aluminum trailer built by Alex Whitaker at ABT

in the Valley.A pleasure to work with and delivers as promised.....first one is under a

31 Bertram and it can load it forwards or backwards as he built it with about 20

adjustable pad stands. The one he is doing now will also be "universal", but will use 
rails and pads...Why go back east when the guy you want is next door??  

Tony-Seaboard Marine  
Oxnard, CA       


Alex also did the trailer for my 24 Skipjack. Sweet trailer. It was  almost half the

weight of the steel trailer. Love my new aluminum 7000# cap.trailer. Has all

the things your looking for carpeted bunks,dual torsion axles, disc brakes and

guide ons. Tows like a dream and weighs 850lbs without the boat.

24 Skipjack "UnReel"
Aka Betafish  


You will get what you pay for when it comes to a FL. aluminum trailer.

They will not compare to ABTrailers.com, imho. I did months of research

and Alex built me what I wanted for the best price out there, bar none, imho. 
Plus, he customized it to fit perfectly, you cannot do that from CA with a FL trailer! 

Rorey Hughes - Whaler27      Costa Mesa, CA



I, too am a very satisfied ABTrailer owner. I bought mine approximately 9 months ago

for my Blackman and love it.It tows very tight and quite. Additionally, loading

and unloading is a much easier and safer operation. 

Larry - Secret Spot 


Alex let me help build mine to keep the cost down. I've pulled around Alex's 31

Bertram and another triple axle Alex built. Mine stops on a dime and the boat

sits a lot lower in the trailer. I have close to 500 HP in my crew cab dully so the

super light trailer is even easier to pull around. No more rust or paint I love it. Alex

knows his stuff he's been a machinist his whole life. Good luck collecting on your

east coast trailer warranty LOL

Keith Poe
PO Box 2056
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Go to ABTrailers.com and call Alex. He's local and busts out trailers pretty fast.

I needed my trailer in a few days to take it out of the water and Alex finished it

fast and to every specification. The trailer has three torsion axles with marine disc

brakes on two of them and it is rated for 10,000 pounds for my 27 foot Robalo that has a 
10' beam. Call him, he'll give you a great deal. 

Alex 714 329 3030

"My rides new ride"

I finally got tired of looking at a terribly rusted frame (I'd already painted over it once),

Wheels that looked like they would rust apart and wincing every time I pulled the boat

in and out of the driveway because I was afraid of dragging my prop and/or rudder

off on the pavers. So I broke down and bought a new trailer. It is a 12,000 pound

trailer. Trail rite could have built me a trailer (galvanized) for about the same money

but I like the idea of aluminum and torsion springs. Also, I am sure I would not have

had the same experience when it came to customizing.
Plus it looks cool! 


Whittier, CA 

ABTrailers did an outstanding job and went way beyond in customer service. 

When I picked up my trailer I had to drive an hour from the factory to get my

boat and was having trouble getting the boat out of the water even 
with three big guys in the back of my truck.  I figured it was a tongue

wgt issue so I called Alex. Alex drove out and checked the tongue wgt and

found that we only had 10# for tongue wgt.(he was using my incorrect

measurements). Alex took the trailer back to his shop and had to make

corrections and fabricate a special bow bracket and did that all within

24 hours at his cost. You don't find service like that anymore. I highly 
recommend this company, good people!

Wayne Stuart

Atascadero, CA 42


With 20 years of experiences towing boats to all parts of Baja I have owned

many different trailers from most of the manufacturers in California including

Vanson, Easy Loader, Trailrite and Pacific.  They all began to fall apart after

their first trip to Baja and salt water. Two years ago I bought a 26' Blackman

to fish Baja with and chose Alex and his team to build the trailer for it. 

Aluminum frame and stainless disc brakes and NO leaf springs made sense to me!

 We overbuilt the trailer, triple 5000# axles, torsion suspension, electric over hydraulic

brakes on two axles knowing this boat was going to and staying in Baja.  

Many trips later I am as satisfied with the trailer as I hoped I would be. 

Simply said, Alex and his ABT team build the best trailer on the west coast.

 Towing big boats in Baja is a headache. Now without having to worry about 
mechanical failures at inopportune times it has become much easier.   

George Kibby "Dos Pelones" 

San Juan Capistrano, CA


Guys, The trailer did great.  Outside of a little issue with getting the boat

out of customs...no issues.  Thanks for the great trailer and all the

support to the owners.        

Rick Smith


I discovered a 36-foot-long catamaran that, before the moment I saw it,

I did not know existed. I was spellbound. To haul my boat, I had

AB Trailers in North Hollywood build a custom, heavy-duty triple-axle
aluminum "Cat" trailer. 
"No doubt, It doesn't get any better—and I've seen quite a few"


San Clemente, CA

by Robert Brown (Robert Brown's credits include photography for Surfer magazine,

Surfing magazine and Powerboat magazine)

I have attached several photos of my boat on your wonderful trailer. 
I had a great time assembling the trailer. 

​Trailer was easy to assemble. Strong and reliable. Excellent customer service! 



Dear ABT,
Having served 5 years with USCG on an 82' Search n Rescue Cutter, 8 years as a Commercial Fisherman

in Alaska, and currently a 23 year Fireman, I have learned the meaning of Quality when it comes to

Maritime equipment.  I just want to say that I am very happy with my new trailer for my 22' boat! 

Your team's professionalism from the office to your assembly has been unmatched!  Your personal

wisdom and brainstorming to make me exactly what I needed is something that is hard to market,

but priceless during the process to dial in the end product.  Thank you again for such a fine job

from start to finish and then beyond......
Jim Hull
Kailua, Hi.

Aloha here's some pics trailers is awesome! 

 Bronson Cablay

Joe and I love our ABTrailer.  Alex and Loraine are easy to work with and are very accommodating.  We were fortunate enough to meet Alex during one of his many

visits to Hawaii as he outfits many boats in the islands.  He came to the house and

measured our boat, ensuring the trailer would be a perfect fit. Alex and Loraine

guided us through the build process and answered all of our questions.  We decided

on different accessories like the V-bow, sliding tongue, and side guides and as Alex

promised, the trailer exceeded our expectations.  Assembling the trailer was fairly

seamless and self-explanatory.  The adjustability of the bunks allowed for us to

use the ABTrailer when we purchased a different boat.  The ABTrailer experience

was a positive one and we recommend them to boaters from Hawaii and beyond. 
Marc & Joe 

We love our ABT trailer. The staff at ABT is amazing. We live in Hawaii and they were

able to come here and do the measurements and fitting for our Boston Whaler and

when the trailer arrived it fits like a glove. Aluminum is an absolute must have for

the corrosive salt water we deal with here in the ocean. I can now rest assured

that my "baby" sits on the best trailer on the market. Thanks ABT!

Drew Solmonson 
Kona, Hawaii

Hey Alex,
This shows it pretty well.

Snorkel bob.com 

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